About Seacoast Publishing

Seacoast Publishing is an American publisher focused on fiction and non-fiction titles for middle readers, young adult, and a general audience.

Since 2000, Seacoast has published the Alabama Roots series, a middle grade biography series featuring forty-five men and women who helped shape the state of Alabama as well as the United States.


History of Seacoast Publishing

The company began in 1980 as a hobby by Tom Bailey, who is presently editor of the company, but at that time was managing editor of The Birmingham News.

Bailey was searching for a hobby that allowed him to write books of his choosing. That first self-published book was Vacation Guide to the Alabama/NW Florida Gulf.

He developed a sales route, sold the book from the trunk of his car and found a welcoming audience of bookstores, gift shops, tackle and dive shops along the coast. Before it went out of print, 35,000 copies sold.

Also at about the same time, Seacoast launched the acclaimed Alabama Roots Biography Series—a 45-book series of biographies of famous Alabamians aimed at middle readers.

In the fall of 2014, Darren and Freda Butler acquired the company from Tom and his wife Jan. Darren was the author of the Helen Keller biography and has a long history as a published author, playwright, screen writer, and storyteller.  Darren is a member of the Writers Guild of America and the Authors Guild.  www.darrenjbutler.com

The Butlers own Virtual Village Classroom, an online educational company. The featured product of the company is Weekly Writer, a 36 week writing program for K-8 educators and students. www.weekly-writer.com